Grapery® Grapes Nurtured for Deliciousness, Naturalness and Health

Grapery®, dedicated to providing the most delicious, natural, and healthy edible grapes globally, has a world-class flavor that other brands will be incomparable. For example, Gum Drops red grapes, Cotton Candy® grapes, and Moon Drops® seedless black grapes developed by Grapery® are all non-genetically modified unique natural patented varieties that meet sustainable agricultural development standards. In addition, it is a high-quality and safe product certified by the International Growers Standards Organization (IGSO).

The Founders

Grapery® was founded by Jack Pandol in California in 1996, and then co-operated with Jim Beagle.

The Pandol family grew out of growing oranges and grapes, and it is the third generation passed down to Jack Pandol. His father and uncles inspired Jack Pandol when he was a child. He studied viticulture at the University of California, Davis. He also worked for the California Environmental Protection Agency. Later, he inherited the family orchard and founded Grapery®. As a result, he can integrate traditional techniques with innovative thinking, develop an intelligent farming system, and understand the importance of sustainable development.


In 2001, Jim Beagle, a Harvard MBA expert with many years of industry experience, joined and served as CEO.


Jack and Jim's pursuit of the perfect flavor have made Grapery® a grape brand loved and admired by everyone. The California Table Grape Commission even held a competition for the best grape recipe for their grapes.


From field to table

Grapery® supplies unique and delicious grapes worldwide, for it strictly requires every step and detail from breeding, planting, picking, processing, packaging, transportation, etc., and has devoted a lot of effort.

1. Breeding

As early as decades ago, Grapery® and global partners such as IFG (International Fruit Genetics) selected outstanding varieties from all over the world and developed many unique patents that are extraordinary in appearance and taste through non-GMO natural breeding methods. Each new variety has gone through more than ten years of repeated trials and tests and finally makes the unique grape variety that Grapery® is proud of today.

2. Sustainable Farming

California's unique natural environmental conditions laid the foundation for the growth of these unique and delicious grapes. Grapery®'s innovative agricultural practice of excellence is the key to the perfect flavor of grapes. They have strict requirements, hard work, and attention to detail to ensure that the grapes maintain healthy nutrition and resist pests and diseases. The leaves can be bathed in the sun using an intelligent farming system, while the fruits avoid sun exposure. The technology also monitors water sources and soil conditions to ensure that each plant receives accurate water and nutrients. Grapery® also pays attention to sustainable development, where it continuously optimizes the environmental advantages so that the flavor can be better and better.

3. Harvesting

During the harvest period, they will carefully evaluate every day and only pick the grapes that reach their peak of flavor by hand. Because the grapes produced by Grapery® are naturally ripe on the vine, there will be more shatter when the grapes detach from the branches. Shattering is normal and means that the grapes are at their best flavor.

4. Packaging

After being picked, the grapes will be cooled, cleaned, processed, and stored correctly in the packaging in a large-scale professional processing and packaging center to ensure that they can be kept in perfect condition.

5. Refrigeration

Grapery® puts the best quality grapes into advanced refrigerated logistics equipment and delivers them all over the world non-stop, ensuring that they are delivered to customers in a good state so that fans worldwide can enjoy the deliciousness. 

Frutodor Limited is Grapery®'s official agent and honorary partner in Hong Kong and Mainland China, directly delivering the airborne Grapery® grapes from the origin to your hand. Grapery® commits to providing the highest quality grapes and attaches great importance to customer opinions. Download the Awwws App for product verification, searching for nearby authentic shops, learning about professional information, and giving feedback. Then, let’s enjoy the Gum Drops Red Grapes, Cotton Candy Grapes, and Moon Drops Black Grapes from Grapery®  to “wow” your buds at ease!