Wild Goose Mark Autumn Moon Pear 🍐 Hong Kong Brand 🏆 Luxurious Delight

The Autumn breeze makes most people feel scorching, so it’s the right season to consume pears to relieve such imbalance. Pears are frequently used in Chinese Medication as food therapy. Li Shizhen enumerated the Pear’s function in the Compendium of Materia Medica “Pear has the characteristics of nourishing the humane lungs and cool the heart down. Therefore, it can reduce the phlegm and heat by putting Pear as a prescription.” Autumn Moon Pear has been named “The treasure of Pear,” Its ripening and harvest period are around the Mid-Autumn Festival. The round-moon-shaped Pear has been covered by thin brown skin, its white, crystal clear, and tender flesh just like flawless moonlight. The sweetness and juiciness level or the size of Autumn Moon Pears are far beyond other varieties, so it becomes the essentials of seasonal fruit in Autumn and Winter.


Autumn Moon Pear was cultivated and named by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan in 1998 which was the crossbreed variety of 162-29 (known as Niitaka x Housi) x Kosui in the Fruit Tree Proving Ground. It was registered as a new variety of late-maturing brown Pyrus pyrifolia in 2001. This high-quality fruit is well-shaped with oblate. Milky-colored flesh is sweet juicy, full of fragrant, and refreshing, the rare stone cell so no pomace while chewing, small pits, and no changes in taste after prolonged storage. The edible rate of Autumn Moon Pear is more than 95%, and the solid soluble content reached more than 13%. The Ministry of Agriculture of China introduced Autumn Moon Pear to Shandong in 2002, which has a similar climate condition to the place of origin and is very suitable for producing Autumn Moon Pears. As a result, the Autumn Moon Pears from Shandong are famous in domestic and foreign markets.


Shandong has a similar latitude to the place of origin, has a temperate maritime monsoon climate with plenty of sunlight and around 800mm rainfall a year, creates four distinctive seasons, even more, sufficient sunlight than Japan, which is more conducive to the accumulation of fructose. Moreover, the Dagu River nourishes the origin with adequate water resources, fertile soil, organic matter, and nutrients, etc., really suitable for planting Autumn Moon Pears. Across the nurturing period in 5-6 months, Moon Autumn Pear has become a well-known fruit frequently exported all year around.


The Hong Kong brand Wild Goose Mark selects the top-quality pears for the Hong Konger. Wild Goose Mark Pear refused to adopt swelling agents, artificial sweeteners and herbicides, fertilized organic matter, milk, eggs, honey fermentation broth, and organic bacterial manure. The Wild Goose Mark Pear has been passed and certified by S.G.S. Global G.A.P., and IGSO (International Growers Standards Organization) includes farming, harvesting, packaging, and processing, which gives the trust to the customers to eat the delicious fruit at ease.


Each Wild Goose Mark Autumn Moon Pears box contains 7-9 PCS, weighing about 3.5KG. The appearance of the Wild Goose Mark Pear is just like a yellowish-brown Moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival, plump and smooth, round and pleasant, even more significant than your fist, full of fragrance, just staring at the pear makes people drool.


Wild Goose Mark Pear is gorgeous in appearance and much juicier and sweeter than the typical Asian pear. The percentage of moisture content can reach around 81%, and the level of sweetness is 3-4° Brix higher than the ordinary sweetness pear, suitable for all age groups to consume.

Chinese regarded Wild Goose as the spiritual thing representing the “Five Constants are benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith” since ancient decays in China. The poetic design of Wild Goose Mark Pear packaging implies sincerity and good fortune. Either self-consuming or gifting is the best choice.


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